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Simulateur d’écoconduite pour prototypage, test et évaluation

par DIRE - publié le

Dominique Gruyer, Olivier Orfila, Vincent Judalet, Sébastien Glaser, Laboratoire sur les Interactions Véhicules-Infrastructure-Conducteurs

New 3D immersive platform dedicated to prototyping, test, evaluation and acceptability of eco-driving applications.

Simulation has been widely used to estimate the benefits of ADAS with embedded sensors or more recent Cooperative Systems based on Inter-Vehicular Communications. This paper presents the proposal of a new architecture built with the both SiVIC and RTMaps platforms in order to prototype, to test and to validate eco-driving applications. In this architecture, the innovation is mainly due to the real-time immersion of a real driver in a 3D virtual environment. In this “Hardware In the Loop” platform, major contributions have been made on dynamic and complex vehicle modelling including several types of engines, interconnection between SiVIC and an Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), integration of HUD (Speed counter and consumption gauges). Moreover, a modelling of a consumption sensor is proposed and implemented in order to carry out some fuel consumption tests on the virtual Satory’s track. All these contributions have been tuned with on-road measurements to improve reality of the scenarios. We will discuss the results of a simple eco-driving scenario implemented to validate our architecture’s capabilities.